How to Give a Female an Orgasm Using Oral Sex

By Gail Ambrosia-Tucci

If you're looking for ways to give a female a orgasm then great! Too many men try to pretend and bluff their way around what they do and don't know and will never admit that they need a few pointers to keep their lady happy in bed. So hats off to you!

Your first tip to how to give a female an orgasm is to remember that for women, an orgasm takes time and is not something to be rushed. So everything you do should be with this in mind.

As soon as you meet up with her begin paying her a lot of attention. Compliment her on how she looks, how wonderful she smells, make her feel special but avoid making her feel like a sex object. If you're in love with her, tell her!

When you arrive at the bedroom begin telling her what you're going to do for her and how you're going to do it, whatever you do don't throw her down and begin having sex with her right away.

Begin kissing her mouth, neck, nibbling her ears, working your way slowly down to her breasts. To give a female a orgasm, spend some time kissing and caressing her breasts and make sure that you're paying close attention to her breathing - you can get great clues about how she is responding by her breathing and moaning.

Work your way down to her stomach, your hands always caressing and stroking her whole body. Gently part her legs and put your tongue on her clitoris and lick it, moving your mouth and tongue up and down between her lips and pretty soon you will have given her a orgasm using oral sex.

You're going to want to top that and she's going to expect you to top that. So you need to know more than one technique to give a female a orgasm so click now on the link and go to the next page.

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